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The surrounding area offers many fine adventures. The picture in top shows the mountain Uburen as one can see from Lysefjord Hyttegrend. The photo in the middle shows Sokkanuten located just above the cabin area, and the bottom picture shows the popular spot, Kjeragbolten at the end of the Lysefjord in an altitude of 1000 meters .



  • Lysefjord Hyttegrend is only 1.5 kilometres from Oanes ferry quay and the perfect base for exploring the magnificent beauty of the surrounding countryside.

    It is a short distance to Jørpeland, Sandnes and Stavanger. The nearest town is Jørpeland, 15 km from the cabin. It takes you about one hour to travel to Stavanger.


    The touristinformation and the supermarket is 5 km from the cabin.

    From our cabins it is just a short car trip, 15 km to the starting point for Preikestolen. If you want to take the walk to Kjerag, you have to take the ferry that has departure about 5 km from the cabin or you can drive by car for about 2 hours to the starting point.


    We can also recommand to drive along RV13, where you have many great sights.

  • The area has opportunities for a variety of beautiful scenery.
    You can walk on marked trails and experience the mountain and fjord landscape up close. There are also large quantities of mushrooms and berries in the woods.


    Espedalen is a good base for hikes, both in summer and winter.
    Røssdalen is gorgeous with special plants, almost primeval forest like vegetation, lush green grasslands and steep mountainsides.


    2.5 hour guided boat trip on the Lysefjord is an experience for life. (The toughest can bring their bike and ride up the hairpin bends at the head of the Lysefjord. From Lysebotn and up to the Eagle's Nest, where one can hike further up to Kjerag.)

    The hike to Kjerag is 5-6 hours walk in total.
    The carferry to Lysebotn is about 5 km from the cabin.